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» MEET THE TEAM Fiji Youth Inititative


Fiji Youth Initiative –


Thelma Thomas-Lesianawai aka MC Trey

What do you do?  Freelance hip hop artist, Youth Arts Worker and Creative Workshops Project Coordinator / Facilitator. 

Where in Fiji is your family from? Adopted by Abraham from Ra and Fanny from Savusavu. My Biological mum is from Bau.

Why did you choose to join Fiji Youth Initiative (FYI)? To pass on my knowledge and experiences so that the next generation could benefit. Overall am committed to empowering Fiji-Australian and Pacific communities.

Trey your profile as a Hip Hop artist in Australia continues to make a huge impact on all of our young people – and you’re passion to develop the skills and confidence amongst our Pacific Youth is noted throughout the community.  As Chairperson of FYI, how important is supporting creativity amongst the arts, music and storytelling for our young people?

They are powerful tools for passing on our stories to the next generation, just as the elders passed their stories on to us. It’s important to continue these traditions utilising new methods for example hip hop music & digital story telling, to ensure that our youth are engaged and that our old and new stories are told. Music and art have always been important elements of Fijian culture and it’s important that we continue these traditions. 

Vice Chairperson

Isikeli August Kuruvoli Tavola

What do you do?  I’m the projects co-ordinator for the Street Univeristy Mt Druitt Ted Noffs Foundation.

Where in Fiji is your family from?  My father is from Kadavu, Nabaouwalu-Ono and my Mother is from Lau, Totoya-Ketei.

Why did you choose to join Fiji Youth Initiative (FYI)?  I chose to join FYI so i could get connected with my fijian roots and to share my skills & experience as a Youth worker, hip hop music workshop facilitator and a rap artist.

Jae Tee, as a Hip Hop artist, producer and a community worker in the Mount Druit area… tell us how our Pacific Island youth are expressing themselves? What else can be done?  Times have changed. The Pacific Island youth in the Mt Druitt area today aren’t the same ones when i was growing up. Young people now days are fortunate to have community youth services providing programs that helps them express themselves. Pacific Island youth didn’t have these opportunities back when i was growing up in the Mt Druitt area and thats part of the reason why they expressed themselves the way they did back then because they didn’t have these services and programs. What else can be done? Young Pacific Islanders are loosing their cultural identity and i think its important for the older generation to keep passing on their knowledge and history.


Donita Hulme


Fatai Toganivalu Senico

Public Officer

Sev Waqa

What do you do? IT Business Executive, Presenter & Creative Coach

Where in Fiji is your family from? Cautata, Bau, Tailevu. Mother is from Yanuca, Serua. 

Why did you choose to join Fiji Youth Initiative (FYI)? To fulfil my passions to contribute and invest in our young people.

Sev, what do you hope to achieve for our Pacific Island youth in NSW and wider Pacific communities throughout Australia? For our Pacific Island Youth to be an example to their peers. Also to inspire our youth to reach their full potential – to dream, believe & achieve!!

Marketing/Communications Officer

Adi Va Ratu Nale

It’s really important for us to support culturally diversity as the key representative youth organisation on behalf of Fiji young people. Fiji has such beautiful cultural blends and we’re very proud of this, so our programs are inclusive of all young people of Pacific Island backgrounds and non Pacific Island backgrounds.

FYI Youth Representative & Meke group

Nunia Mocelutu, Moses Tavola, Violet Bolea, Sef Tavola, Matai Saukuru,

Josh Balawaqaqa, Lyric Thomas-Pera, Lo Masitabua, Kereni Vuai.